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RJ Luna Haute Clothier is a high end fashion brand that specializes in one of a kind garments handmade in a couture style. Each piece is an original design and is sewn by a seamstress. Often the embellishments and even some of the garments themselves will be hand stitched. RJ Luna makes sustainability a priority using recycled, up-cycled, organic materials or reinvented fabrics whenever possible and is made in the USA.

We are proud to offer high quality looks and unique styles to our classic, yet modern customer. Our designs are reminiscent of the classic silhouettes of Jakcie O's era, while incorporating a nod to the fashion adventurist, Cher, by using exciting and unexpected twists!

Our innovative designs draw the attention of clients from all walks of life and our cient list includes celebrities and socialites, as well as everyday women who love feeling fabulous and looking chic!

We believe that every woman wants to be beautiful and be remembered!  Original Luna's are your most exciting form of expression whether you're on the red carpet or at a girl's night out!

Be strong, be bold, be Luna!

"I had so much fun learning the process of custom garments and Jackie made every step as fun as the last!  Nothing can be said that expresses fully the excitement of wearing a custom piece of high quality clothes! My Luna definitely made me shine on the red carpet!"

Jessica - Ohio